Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cupcakes For Lunch, OKAY!

Has anyone here in the Salt Lake Valley been to Swirly Girls Gourmet Bakery?  
Pardon the hair, Wren calls me "Wind Blown" when my hair's like this.
How Rude....  

Swirly Girls is such a cute little bakery shop.
Their cupcakes are quite scrumptious if I do say so myself.  
I had the Orange flavored cupcake, and Jenna had the Cookies and Cream.  
I devoured mine, and I think it's safe to say....
....Jenna liked hers too.

In fact, as she was finishing her last bite, which was a BIG bite BTW, she attempted to lean over in her chair to look at a tag on my shirt when out of the clear blue sky, her chair slipped out from under her, and she fell side-wards on her side, almost landing on the rest of the cupcakes....
(That was a KILLER run on sentence)
As she was going down I was thinking...."NOOOOOOOO, not the cupcakes!"  I'm a good friend huh?  
And she was probably trying to say, "Heeeelp", but all I could see was a mouth full of brown.
She barely missed the cupcakes, thanks to me directing her away from them (can you tell I was worried about em?) and then we shared a great BIG old laugh with tears and all :) 
Why do we find such humor at the expense of other's misfortunes?
I love you Jenna, but THAT was funny! 

I'd highly recommend Swirly Girl's cupcakes for lunch anytime!
And maybe if you're REALLY lucky, your friend will fall over in her chair on her last BIG bite :)
I know it made my day....