Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inconveniences of Modern Day and Whatever, Whenever, Wednesday Link Up Par-tay :)

Shirt: Gardner Village
Pants: Sports Authority (I know random and another item that my washer ate, but I have no shame that there's a hole peeking into my thigh, they're just that good)  
Shoes: DSW
Purse: Pac Sun

Speaking of purses, I just barely switched over to this tiny thing of a purse because the bottomless pit of my bigger bags were just about enough to do me in.  Every time my phone would ring I would dig and dig as my blood pressure would rise, and of course, the second I would I would miss the call I'd find my blasted phone.  I would then have the urge to man handle my bag to the ground.  That would show it how annoying it was.  But not anymore...  Savvy's new miniature friend with it's contents of no rhyme or reason, filled to the brim with random receipts and change is working out quite perfectly.  
Because I can actually find my phone.  And gum. And chap stick.  And tampons.

Speaking of phones.  Touch screen phones are just about enough to do me completely in too.  When it rings, I can't even pick it up to see the caller ID without answering my phone.  Texting... lets not even get started there.  I despise, literally despise, texting with my touch screen.  I have a keyboard that slides out but something went terribly wrong with it because every time I text using it, the screen slides all the way up to the top of the conversation with that person.  Pure annoyance.
I miss my very first cricket of a brick phone because texting was a breeze, and finding it in my purse was a breeze.  
I miss 2003.    
Funny how we have so much technology to help us yet we are constantly cursing it.  I can't remember where I saw this, but there was a comedian who joked that we get so mad when we get inconvenienced by things like dropping a phone call, or our flight getting delayed, or not having enough hot water.  But do we ever stop to consider what a luxury it is to actually HAVE quick means of communication, or HAVE insanely fast travel, or HAVE a hot bath?
We people are funny I tell ya.
But I complain with the best of em.  I want to never drop a call, never wait in an airport, and always have hot water dangit.  
Is that too much to ask?
It's 2011 for cryin out loud, get with the times! ;)
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