Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Island Way Sorbet and My Dad's Love for Grocery Stores

I have another beloved from Costco guys...
May I Say,
Island Way Sorbet?
I'm feeling very poetic today...
But really, have you tried em?  They are the coolest new things since padded bras.
They have four delectable sorbet flavors and they come in these fun little fruit shells.

Another fun find from my dear Daddy.  
Side Note:
Have I ever told you of my Dad's love for the grocery store?  It's deep.  Grocery stores are where most my childhood memories were made.
My Dad has been known but not limited to:  
*Every single one of my friends seeing him at one grocery store or another, I get texts all the time saying, "Just saw your dad", I don't even bother to ask where anymore because I already know.  
*Going to Harmon's when I was younger like everyday and knowing all the workers there.  One night he brought my mom in and everyone clapped and said, "Mrs. Knudson, we finally get to meet you!"
*Going through stages where he'll love Harmon's and then he'll switch and love Costco and he'll stay there for hours making friends.  My mom knows if he is no where to be found, he'll be at the grocery store.  For three hours.  True story.  It's his part time dream job.  
*When I was little and couldn't sleep, I remember going into my parents bedroom at 2:00am and my dad saying, "Let's go to Harmon's Sannah!"  And off we'd go.  I took Brach's candy to a whole new level.  
*My friend Michelle called me one time saying, "Okay I just your dad walking out of Walmart pushing his cart with a huge smile on his face and a skip to his walk."  
So it's true.  
He loves grocery stores guys. 
Grocery Stores+My Dad=True Love. 
And let's not even get started on what my mom calls his Suzy Q Routine with his apron on, bustling around the kitchen with a huge grin, flailing his hands he's so pleased, and cooking ten times the amount of food we could ever eat as a family.  
We'll save that story for a different day.
BUT back to my little dream machines.
I love them.
You can even eat them and pretend you're sitting on the beach, and as Sublime once said, that it's "summer time and the livin's easy, Bradley's on the microphone with Rad-MG".
PS Don't you think my mom should advertise for Island Way Sorbet?  
I do.