Monday, October 24, 2011

A Recap Of My Birthday!

So last Wednesday this kitten turned cat when the year struck 26.  I can't believe I'm 26.  It truly is unbelievable. It seems like just yesterday I was 19.  Last night I told a 19 year old that I graduated in 2004 and she gave me the look.  You know that look?  The look that says, "Whoa, I'm hanging out with an old person."  I remember thinking that at her age when someone told me they graduated in 97.  That seemed ancient.  Now I'm there and not quite sure how to feel about it. 

Well enough about that talk.

Onto my birthday festivities.
I've decided that I have got the best family and friends out there because the celebration lasted all week long. They made me feel so loved!  
It makes birthdays that much better right?  
Now, you ready for the mother f'n picture OVERLOAD?
I try not to post too many pictures normally but I just couldn't cut any out.
They're all gems.
So folks, fasten your seat-belts for it's going to be a loooooong ride.

It started out with a bang on Monday night when we met my family at Cafe on 1st downtown.
My cute mommy and sisters.
My adorable grandparents.  So happy they came!
My dad and the boys.
My family gave me the pan I've been wanting since they got one...
Omelet heaven guys, omelet heaven.
Some old friends even met us down there!
I just love my family.
Tuesday night I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with some of my cute girlfriends.
You'd never know Mich, Dana, or Hay were there though.
They swore they'd kill me if I posted any of the pics of them on any social media site.
I'd go against their strong will and just post them, but I really don't want to die at the young, or old (depends on if you're that 19 year old girl or not) of 26.  So I'll do myself a favor and not post them even though they all looked cute.  But whatev.
I sat my bum on the saddle while everyone sang.
It was embarrassing.
This sweater was a cute gift from Mich
I love it.
On Wednesday, my actual birth day, Wren and I both had the day off work so we headed up to Silver Fork Lodge for breakfast.
It was insanely good.
The leaves up there were insanely pretty so Wren had to stop to get some pictures.
I got lots of birthday love.  Thanks everyone for that, you made my day!
Thanks Wren!
Wren was exhausted from all the fun...
Poor guy :)
But the fun didn't stop there.  Wren had gotten us tickets to see Thriller at Kingsbury Hall.
It was fun to go and have a night out on the town.

Thursday I caught up with Sara, she had just gotten home from Belgium and big deal.
She gave me these cute little treasures from Paris.  Love her!
Friday night we went to dinner with all of our friends at Bonsai.  
It was so much fun!
Their food was incredible as always.
Capturing these moments of us trying to catch the chicken in our mouths is truly a pleasure.
They put on their best singing voices and sang to dear old me.
While Matt and Nick played the...
The girlies...
I love them.
And the dudes...
I told them to make their best funny faces and this is what I got...
I could just laugh at this picture for ever.  Guys are just so terribly special.

Joel and Jenna came over after and Joel entertained us by clipping in my hair extensions.
Oh Joel, how white trash you are.

And last but definitly not least...
Wren's families birthday dinner.
Wow are you done looking at pictures yet?  Well sorry.  I'm not :)
Isn't Wren's horse shirt brilliant?
Wren's family made the best dinner.
Okay sorry for what appears to be tons of pictures of me below, but I want you all to see the comical faces Wren's little sister Eden is pulling in the background.  Eden, you were on fire my friend.

Oh hey Ede.
Hi again Ede.
Yep, now she's not amused.
Okay Ede, that's enough.  Tough crowd.
Look at that ADORABLE little nephew of mine.  Is he not to die for?!
There's the spirit Ede!  Where was that when I was blowin out my candles?
Wren's so pleased about his majestic shirt.
Wow, you still with me guys?  If you made it this far, I applaud you.  Truly I do.
Thanks to EVERYONE for making this birthday the best one yet!