Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wedding Day Blues, LINK UP PARTAY, and My Birthday... One Big Happy Fam

We have come to the conclusion of our wedding posts.....
 BUT first and foremost... it's somebody's birthday today.  And that somebody is a girl.  And that girl is me! I guess technically my birthday is tomorrow since it's late Tuesday night right now, but you'll probably read this tomorrow which is Wednesday, which is my birthday, which is tomorrow, which is Wednesday, but whatev, you get it right?
Am I excited that Wren and I BOTH got the day off to sleep in, go to breakfast, shop, and go to Thriller?  YES!  Am I excited to be turning 26?  No.  
Anyway just had to share because it's kind of a big deal around here.
Finally, we are to the wedding day friends and then you'll never have to look at another dirty, rotten wedding photo of ours ever again. Hopefully :)  
Check out my baby gettin down with his bad self:)
Sorry, the pictures weren't the clearest since I downloaded them from Facebook, I was just way too lazy to go round up my wedding CDs.

Getting married was the best thing to ever happen to me, though our first few days being married started out a bit rocky.
Let me explain...
The night of our wedding dinner, my ear started to hurt.  My parents came and picked me up from my apartment to head down there, and on the way, I said, "Guys my ear really hurts."  My dad who has dealt with ear infections his entire life said, "Let's go to instacare right now, you've gotta get some antibiotics.  If you're anything like me it will be way worse tomorrow", which was my wedding day.  Of course.  Well like an idiot, I didn't listen.  In my head I told myself it would be better in the morning and that I had literally no time to go.  Well of course I was wrong.  The next day I woke up and my ear killed.  Like a dummy, again, I still didn't go to instacare.  I woke up like an hour and a half before I had to be to the temple because I felt so crappy, did my own hair and makeup, but because I didn't feel good I really skimped on what could have made me much more presentable.  I was what one might call a sloppy bride.  Sue me :)  I remember telling Wren right before we went in to be sealed, "My eat hurts really bad..."  Well I popped like 4 Ibuprofen and it helped a little.  It was so disheartening because I NEVER get sick, let alone had ever had an ear infection as an adult.  The real kicker was, the type of ear infection I had was in the canal due to my addiction to Q-Tips.  Apparently this type of ear infection far surpasses a normal ear drum infection in pain.  This was 100% correct.  My whole ear canal was swollen shut.  I couldn't hear a thing.  And why of all days did it have to happen on my Wedding Day?  Yes I capitalized it, it's a monumental holiday ;)  Why I ask, WHY?!  I was so terribly sad.  Back to the story though... The line at our reception was never ending and I could feel myself going down real fast.  When the reception ended, Wren and I drove to our little bed and breakfast downtown and went to bed, like literally went to sleep.  Poor guy :)  I woke up at 3:00am with what felt like a screw driver digging into my skull.  STILL, I'm so dumb, WAITED through the night and finally the next morning, we drove straight to instacare and I was literally on my death bed.  I couldn't even function the pain was so bad.  They gave me some antibiotics and ear drops and down to bed I went.  For an entire 24 hours.  It was so sad, the excitement of finally being able to live together and sleep in the same bed was ruined.  Wren was a champ, coming in every couple hours putting the drops in my ear.  I woke up the next day to a house full of presents (I was OUT because I didn't hear a peep from Wren's family who brought them over, thanks for that guys!)  It was clear the medicine was doing nothing as well.  I couldn't even hold my pathetic head up.  So BACK to another instacare I went.  The doctor there, bless his heart, was the most long winded guy I have ever come across.  He talked and talked and talked.  Giving me a backup for every possible side effect that could happen to the ten medicines he prescribed.  When he walked out to get something, I laid my head down on the doctors table, looked at Wren, and said, "If you don't get rid of him, you're both dead."  We went home, started the new medicine and I finally got a little relief.  Well we were supposed to fly out to Cancun the next day, but obviously I was in no state to fly, and especially to leave the country.  We called the airlines and it was going to be like $600 to change our tickets.  We were a poor newlywed couple and this seemed like the end of the world.  I told Wren, "Come hell or high water, I'm getting on that plane in the morning.  We are not paying that."  Well I lied, because the next morning came and I still felt like $%@&.  I just couldn't get up.  So Wren called the airline to switch the flights and it was some strange miracle, because she changed them for $50 total.  I cried I was so happy.  Finally, the next day I felt well enough to go.  I remember packing right before we left and honestly, I forgot everything.  It was so sad.  I slept, no joke, the entire flight to Mexico while Wren was stuck next to a drunk guy who wouldn't shut up.  This was the one pro to being too sick to stay awake.  By the time we got there I started to feel even better.  How can you not in a 5 star resort next to the beach?  The entire trip my ears were clogged, I couldn't hear anything, but I felt okay and was with my perfect new husband in Mexico which was all that mattered.
The moral of the story you ask?
  *Don't shove Q-Tips in your ears five times a day for months and months.  Especially if you've got the BIG DAY coming up.
*Marry the sweetest guy in the entire world, so he will be abnormally patient and kind to you when you think you're doing to die.  I would have not been a happy camper if it'd been reversed.
*Listen to your dad and go to instacare ASAP if your ear starts to hurt.  I'm not joking.  It could have all been avoided.
Being married really is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I know this saying is cliche, but Wren really is my better half.  He is constantly pushing me to be better and do better.  I'd be nothing without him.  
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