Tuesday, October 18, 2011

D-d-d-date Night Out at a Bakery and Why I'm Annoying

Friday night Wren and I headed up to Corner Bakery Cafe.  Have you been?  If not... you must.  Truly, it's amazing.  And the perfect place to go on a crisp autumn's eve.  
They have hearty stuff like soup, sandwiches, hot chocolate, pastas, rolls, and heavenly delights like bunt cake, pound cake, and whoopee pies.  
C'mon..... you've never heard of a whoopee pie?  Me neither, I just loved ordering it and trying to say "whoopee" with a straight face.
The pictures were just not going as planned; as usual.  Wren kept saying, "Stick your butt out more, bend over more."  Wow.  That's original.  Finally he said, "Sav honestly.... all you need to do is lose the hat, put your hair down, wear a tighter shirt, and wear make-up.  I think you would like the pictures more."  Oh simple, SIMPLE  Y chromosome men, all you need to do?  If he only knew what that entailed..... at least an hour of work (hat hair, c'mon people, anyone who's anyone knows I'd have to wash it), which would mean we wouldn't get to dinner till at least eight, which would make a very unhappy Y chromosome, and I have a slight hunch he'd probably rethink that silly suggestion he had in the first place.  But don't you fret, I'd be way too lazy to do any of that in the first place.  Which is why I didn't.  End of boring story :)      
Not that you probably even want to know BUT:
Hat: Men's department from Target
Jeans: Rue 21
Shirt: American Eagle (I think) I got it in the day-after-brother-went-on-his-mission-raid.  We cleared him out cuz.  You think I'm joking?  I wish I was.  There's going to be hell to pay upon his return.  Ty, brother, I guess it's the price of being a stylish guy, with all sisters, in an era where girls can rock guy's clothing.  Oh and your skinny jeans?  Fit me like a charm.  All of them.  Sorry.
Shoes: Marc Fisher (my daddy bought them for me, love him, love them :))

And my oh my what sexy hands you have honey.
This guy keeps getting sexier, and sexier, even when he gets angrier and angrier from my mad picture taking skills.  Forgive me sour puss.  
Notice how Wren and I match.  Dark blue, light blue, white, gray, black, and just way too cool for school.  Like a big bruise.  Ya, we planned that.  
The food was superb.

Thanks for the night out Wrenjammin.  
Memories, memories, memories..... :)

Speaking of memories, here's a good one to always show just what an annoying wife Wren had....
I'm sorry honey..... 
But it's really not my fault you're so buggable.