Friday, November 18, 2011

Dreaming of Fancy Parties and Sequin Skirts

So I have been wanting me a sequin skirt this season.  You know, to wear for the holidays.  You know, because I have SO many fancy holiday parties to attend to.  
I'm really cool. 
But knowing me, I'll buy one, put it on for a holiday family get together (which will be anything but fancy BTW, sequins would SCREAM, "What theeeee......?"), then take it off in opting for something comfier and more practical so aunts and uncles and cousins don't look at me thinking "What theeee....?"  
But nonetheless, I'm still liking the idea of this sequin thing....

Aren't these babies cute?
LOVE that feather one.
SEE?  Now don't you want one for the holidays?!
Here are a couple different ones that I'm contemplating on...
1. Lulu's- $45.00
2. DownEast Basics- $44.99 (Featured in O magazine, so duh that makes this one my fave)
3.  Banana Republic Skirt-  $69.99   
Which one do you like the best?
Are YOU going to buy one?  If so, SEND ME A PIC OF YOU WEARING IT!  I'll post about it! 

And while I'm wining and dining in my sequin skirt elegantly laughing at sophisticated Uncle Charles...
My husband will be wearing this.
Honey, I'm buying this as we speak and you WILL wear it.  Especially when you go skiing with the dudes.  No ifs, ands, or butts about it k?  Just tell them your wife is worried about her baby boy, and she doesn't want your foo man's shoe to get frost bite.  And if they make fun of you?....  
Well they're just jealous they wouldn't be able to pull it off as suavely as you ;)