Monday, November 7, 2011

Fridaaay, Fridaaay, Fridaaay...

We had a fun little shopping date on Friday.  
Wren needed some new work attire and seemed quite taken with the coupons in the Express catalog we received, so there we headed to use them.  
He got some super cute stuff that makes my little heart melt.  
BACK to that in a sec though...

But more importantly ;), they had the cutest Zelda Jean Leggings there.  They were in all different shades of pink.  They were $69.50 (which is a little steep if you ask me) but you do get your second pair for half off (still not the great) but they ARE very cute.  
Anyway, I thought they would be super cute for Valentines Day!?  
Am I wrong?  Surprisingly, they actually were very flattering.  
Obviously my legs are JUST as skinny and long as the models up top.  
I already know, no need to tell me ;)
Are they trying to make me look bad?  Rude.
Anyway, thought I'd share.
I think they're super cute.

Isn't my baby husband man so sexy?
He's TOO fine :)
LOVE this shirt on him.
And this sweater.  
More on him and his precious items Wednesday though :)
Let's just say the ladies'll be a glancin on Monday.
But just remember he's taken k?  By me.  This one right her.

And to end the fun shopping date, we headed to Red Mango and got my fave, Pumpkin Spice Yogurt with Cheesecake Bites.
And then ate it in the warm car listening to Cold Plays new CD while we watched the blizzard.
It was a good night.