Friday, November 4, 2011

The Funnest Of Finds!!! Seriously... Check it Out.

Okay are you guys ready to be blown away?

I will be the first to admit that I carry a special talent for finding good deals.  
Have you guys heard of The Store?
It's off of 900 East and about 5445 South in Murray, Utah.  It's in the corner spot of a strip mall facing east, and is across the street and west of the Sports Mall if you know where that is.
I have found more AMAZING deals here than I should probably admit.
They sell used and new items and you can donate items there too.  It's like a glorified D.I.  
WAY more glorified though. 
It's love. 
There's my friend in the back.  Haaaaay friend.  Love that guy :)  
He has brought the price down on so many things for me.  
Some treasures of note that I have found there...

This big solid wood desk and chair that I got down to $20.  I know I'm so dang awesome I can't even deal ;)
I painted it gray and have enjoyed it beyond belief.

This is my claim to fame right here babies.  I'm sure if you're an avid reader of my blog (which I hope you are) you have seen my milk glass dishes.  I got this whole set down from $150 to..... wait for it, wait for it, $25!!!  I could hardly contain my excitement.  All thanks to the dude in the first picture.  Again, LOVE him :)
There are even more pieces to this set not shown.  It really was the DEAL of the century.
My husband couldn't comprehend why I was so ecstatic.
C'mon honey, ya wives struck GOLD!

I got this bookshelf down to $30 thank you very much listed at like $200 or something.

This green little vintage candle was a measly .50 cents and I got two of them.  
I am pretty much in love with em.  It's the little things that make life sweet right? :)

I got this little gem pea coat for $10 brand new.  To say I have over worn would be an understatement.  
I get compliments every time I wear it.  I think it was marked at over $100.  It's the gift that keeps giving.

And this blessed little lamp was only $8.  It was brand new from Target and was normally like $80 or something preposterous like that.
These are just a FEW of the many marvelous deals I have encountered at The Store.  
If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, how can you afford NOT to go?  If you go, you better let me know how you liked it :)

 Next, I went to Aldo with Sara the other day and they had some mighty cute stuff there.  TONS of cute shoes and purses that were on sale.
I almost had a heart attack.
They had a million cute cute feather earrings.  These were all only $8-$10.  Such a steal!
Some of their jewelry was buy 2 for 1, so I go both these rings for $7 thank you very much!

Next, have you guys ever shopped at Sunflower Market?  If not... YOU MUST!  Their produce is out of this world, they have awesome granola and dried fruit in bins, and tons of natural items for a way good deal, plus all of your normal groceries only in healthy brands  
The deal of the century I struck yesterday you ask?
Why all of their good skewers and marinated meat was only $3.99 to $4.99 per pound!
Boo ya, throw it in the oven and you done!
Their coconut pineapple chicken skewers are to die for.  
So anyway, I got dinner for a week for like $15.  
Go, go, go me!

And LAST for the most AMAZING deal of today.
My cute mommy is selling her red microfiber couch that she got only a year ago brand new and paid over a $1,000 for.  My family never sits in this room and my mom covered the couch with blankets all the time so it wouldn't get worn, so basically it really is like a brand new couch still.   
Anyway, she is willing to sell it for $600!  What?  Yes.  It's a killer deal.  She may be willing to go down a little less if you can pick it up soon because she's re-doing her house and needs it out.  

Anyway, here is a picture below to show you just how big it is.  Notice the blankets underneath us?  Ya she was anal about this couch.
PS Isn't my family adorable?
Anyway, email me if you're interested, she really is almost giving it away! 

Well I hope you are able to check out these deals if you live in the area!