Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Days of Parties and Ghouls

First off, check out Sloanbook here to see the giveaway she's doing for three little travel bags I made.
You'll LOVE her cute blog too!
Do it, do it, do it! :)
Friday night we started the weekend off right when Wren and I threw a Halloween bash.  His parents were going out of town and kindly offered their gorgeous house to us.  It was tons of fun!

 I love the look on baby Maxi's face here..."Get that loosa outa here."  She is the cutest little cherry of all!
Wow, there's quite the duo for ya on this here Halloween.
On Saturday cute Charelle and Nick threw a Halloween party at their house.  
Unfortunately we forgot our camera, but our cute friend Sarai took these awesome group pictures below. 
And I snapped these couple ones with my phone.
Sunday we went to Wren's families for chili and carving pumpkins.  Hollie made everything darling and orange as usual.  
I CAN'T get over Wren's sister and his dad.  Eden dressed up as his dad, and his dad as Eden.  I couldn't even look at Eden without laughing.  She was in full persona all night, acting just like him.

Sorry for the picture overload again!
I hope you had a fun Halloween and your teeth are rotting out of your mouth from all the candy you ate.
I kid, I kid.  Kind of :)