Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Perfect Bra At H&M Is Why I Love It Even More...

Okay so I know it's kind of weird blogging about bras, BUT c'mon girls, we all have to wear them so why not let me share THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY WITH YOU!???

Okay so are any of you familiar with the Bombshell Bra from Vicki's Secret?  Well if you're not, that bra my friends cost me like a whopping $70 a couple years ago.  And embarrassingly enough, I've literally worn it for two years straight because who wants to buy another $70 bra?  Not I said the Sav.  Sue me Wren.  Well, while strolling around the beloved new H&M, I ran across these bras (and they have tons of different colors too).  They fit and look WAY better than the Bombshell Bra and are a million times more comfortable, like I'm not ripping my bra off the second I get home kind of comfortable, and guess for how much?  Don't faint when I say it K?  $9.95!  I do not kid!  I'm still speechless because the quality and the look of them are so great!  Vicki Secret, you've got a run for your money baby.
And SPEAKING of the new H&M, it deserves so much more than what's written above.  It's awesome and amazing and brilliant and smart and cute... even though I didn't find as much as I thought I would.  That's okay though.  It's still H&M, and it's still finally here :)  
Chanty, Sara, and I made a little lunch/shopping date out of it...
See how pleased I am with my bra find?  As punch. 

Okay this infinity scarf is from Brass Plum, but I still had to share.  It's SOOOOOO comfortable.  I think my old bra has cause to be jealous.  I might be wearing this scarf more than I wore that old worn out thing!
If you're obsessed with comfort and warmth like I am, oh and looking way cool ;)  This is the scarf for you.

So basically, you should go to H&M now if you live in the area... the bras are going fast.  
Like tons more were gone only one day later.
Good LUCK! :)