Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Breakfast and Bakeries

This weekend revolved around bakeries and breakfast food. 
Thursday night, Jenna and Joel came and watched Wren's mountain bike video showing up at the U (which BTW is saweeeeet!  I'll be posting it this week)  So sweet of them to come.  Afterwords, we headed over to Cafe On 1st (yes I'm obsessed) and got sandwiches and chai tea.  
Great food, great company.   
Saturday morning, Wren and I headed over to Schmidt's Bakery for breakfast.  As did their lunch, their breakfast did not disappoint.  
Although I did spill my hot chocolate all down my thigh which burned it.  Poor me.
Look what a keeper that one is!
Then Sunday, Wren made a delectable breakfast as usual.  
Amazing the difference I felt after eating Schmidt's breakfast in comparison to Wren's breakfast.  
After Schmidt's, poor Sav could barely hold her head up the rest of the day.  
After Wren's, she had energy and could walk straight.  
Let that be a lesson to oneself :)