Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

Wow are you going to get picture overload today.  But they are Christmas pictures, how do you cut any of them out?  You don't...
 Christmas Eve afternoon, we headed up to Wren's family's house for their fun Christmas Eve tradition.
Wren's mom and dad (and baby Skyler) prepared a grand feast for us!
Couldn't you EAT him?  And his DIMPLE?!  Sheesh!
Isn't Lilly's Christmas outfit adorable?  Such a big girl now!
Waiting to eat...
Can you believe how cute Wren's mom makes everything?  
Better Homes and Gardens I tell ya, Better Homes and Gardens...
 I've never been as pleased to eat a meal as I was this one...
Heaven in my mouth it was.
Probably in theirs too...
Kinley and Eden are so peculiar.  
After dinner we watched a slide show that Wren made from highlights of 2011.  Time goes by too fast!
After we headed into the Christmas tree room and opened sibling gifts from each other.
The babies were pleased with theirs...
Kinley got a swagger kit so he can catch a lady...
He's single ladies... AND FULLY READY TO MINGLE!  Any takers?  
He smells like Old Spice and Naired his legs.  He's ready for a wife.  
 Love him.
 Isn't Wren's new hat cute?  Raaaar ;) 
 How precious is she?  
She loves her new horsey from Grandma Mi Ma.
 My celebrity mother in law!
 After sibling gifts, Wren's mom gave us our adorable gift bags.
They were filled with soft blankets, pajamas, our favorite candy and much much more!  
The theme this year was lambs, so our presents and jammies were lamb themed and she read us a cute lamby Christmas story.  
 This tradition is so fun because it really puts us in the Christmas spirit!
Such a WONDERFUL family I married into!  Love them!
And love my little sister in law like my own sisters :)  Aren't we cool?
And I LOVE him! 
And his mustache.
And them boys down there :)
Thanks to Wren's family for an AWESOME night!  We are TOO SPOILED!

After we left Wren's parent's house we headed to my aunt's house where we hung out with my family for the... 
Don't ask.
We played games...
 My mom performed a talent on my dad...
 My dad made us banana splits...
And we just hung out and talked.
Thanks to my family for the delicious food and fun!
 The next morning we hopped in my grandpa's truck and headed up to Wren's parents for presents and breakfast!
Wren feels like a man when he drives a truck.
Hollie and McKell made yet another mouth watering meal.
And we opened more presents!
Wren gave me these awesome lenses and filters for our camera.  We tried one out in these pics.  
I love the warmth it gives the pictures!  Go husband.  
Again we are very spoiled!
After that we headed over to the late risers at my humble abode to open up gifts.
Isn't Sister's smile so cute?  She was excited for presents...
 Mommy and Sisters...
 Love them!
Have you met Kate's friend Apple?  He's in every picture...  She can't get enough.
We were very very spoiled by my parents as well.  What a kind family I have!
 Dad got the new kindle fire.  I might steal it.
"It does everything the big boys do", says mom.  Meaning everything the iPad does :)
Wren's gettin his swag on with this new assemble from Daddy.  Daddy's got superb style.
New swimmers for the babies...
Sister's new way of relaxing. 
Thanks to my family for the awesome gifts!  We can't wait to use them! :)
You gave us TOO MUCH! 

 You think the fun stops there?  It doesn't.
After we headed to my grandparents house for lunch.
 My grandparents spoiled us too with gifts and food.
The sisters were getting tired...
 Love these chumps...
 Aren't my grandparents THE CUTEST!?

Well sorry for the longest Christmas post EVER.
Thanks to both our families for the amazing food, gifts, and company.  We don't know how we lucked out getting the cool families we did.  
We are seriously blessed and have MUCH to be grateful for.   
You guys sure do know how to party!