Friday, December 30, 2011

Currently Taking Offers, Let's Get My Brother Married Already!

 Back by popular demand from the comments on yesterday's post...
My brother-in-law McKinley.
Named after Mount McKinley, or as the natives like to call it, Mount Denali.
And my oh my is his spirit just as large as this glorious mountain.
Yes ladies.  
He is single, and 100% ready to meet one of you.
He like long walks on the beach, not by himself as this picture might depict, but with sexy ladies.  
Maybe this could be one of you?
 He's like Wren, but more crass.  
Has more attitude.   
A little bit feistier. 
I think he'd be a fine suitor for one of you.
 He really is a ladies man...
 But not, because we're trying to line him up with one of you.  
Oh, this picture of him with a stick reminds me of a story from many moons ago.  Wren was around 10 or so and Kinley was 8.  I think.  Kinley had purchased a walking stick at a scouting camp and was pretty much head over heals in love with it.  Well Wren was mad at Kinley for something, so he took Kinley's walking stick and broke it over his knee (the visual has me rolling).  I guess Kinley, in his rage, cried and cried and cried.  
Wren felt so bad he glued it back together.
What I am trying to say here ladies, is Kinley's a sensitive man...
He's man enough to shed a tear.
He's also a comical homo sapien.  
Another time when he was young his love for cows, as well as Jeff Hornacek, grew deep.  So he decided to make a necklace that said "horny", and just for the heck of it added the word "cow" at the end.  He came home and everyone about died.  He loved his necklace that read "horny cow".  
He's not ashamed to stand up for the things he loves.  Even if he's gawked at or laughed at.

If interested in going on a date with this lovey hogwart, please send contact information to
(I would say you could email him directly at his old email,, but thank the high heavens above he deleted that email.  
We're still confused.
We'd LOVE to line something up though!  So email me today!
Oh, and he's a hugger too.