Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Fireplace... Maybe One Day

One thing I have always dreamed of having is a fireplace of my own.  
Yesterday did not help.  I had fireplaces on the brain all day long.  From when I went to lunch over at Schmidt's Bakery and about died over their fireplace that is SERIOUSLY to die for, to yesterday evening when I went to Red Mango and sat with Jenna by their fireplace eating our yogurt for way too long, to my late night bath when I browsed the new issue of Elle Decor where the theme seemed to be... just guess.  Fireplaces
Yes it was a fireplace day.    
PLUS, with Christmas right around the corner, why would I not be dreaming of fireplaces?  
Here are my favorites from Elle Decor this month...
And they also had some super cute andirons in this issue.  
You know to go inside my fireplace one day :)

Loved all of them.
(All images from Elle Decor)

And SEE, isn't Schmidt's Bakery's fireplace off the hook?!
This picture from their Facebook page does NOT do it justice whatsoever.  
It was amazing.