Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Sisterly Sleepover

Did everyone have a great Christmas?
So sad it's over... :(
We are VERY spoiled to have the incredible families that we do.  They are amazing.  
Pictures of our Christmas festivities to come this week.
Until then...
Last week, the sisters and I slept over at Rache's house downtown.  
We shellac-ed our nails, Rache had gas, and I bossed my baby sisters around from start till 2:00am in the morn.  
And we laughed and laughed and laughed.
I forced them to bring their elder sister the mattress from the creepy basement.
Every time I watch this video I cry laughing...
...because Rache is laughing so hard Kate is doing it all by herself which is funny in and of itself.  
Plus Rache is wearing South Park pajamas that my grandma gave her.  My grandma doesn't know what South Park is.  That's the kicker.  
 Kate really man-handeled that mattress.  GO KATE!
And then by the time 1:30am rolled around, when Savy was tucked in her twin bed on the floor, we realized we were starving.  And Rache had zero food.  
So I did the only logical thing one would do and ordered us a big old pineapple pizza.
 We ate the whole thing.
This video is pretty cool too.  Especially Rache...
...you my friend are awesome.
And we finally went to bed.  
The next morning we headed off to Whole Foods for a hearty breakfast on my dad!
Thanks dad!
I felt like I got smacked by a train the entire next day.
Was it eating a whole pizza at 2:00am?
Was it sleeping on a hard mattress?
Was it staying UP till 2:00am?
Am I getting too old for these shenanigans? 
I believe so.
BUT, in the famous words of out mother dearest, it was still some... "Gooooooood times!"
Love my little sisterlies :)