Friday, December 23, 2011

A Dinner Party

So my sister, cousins, and I started a dinner group so we could be more like the family on Brothers and Sisters, which is basically like my other family.  Kitty's my big sister, and Justin's my younger brother, oh and Nora?  She's my long lost mother.  Sally Fields is probably the best actress EVER in this series.  
But my point is, they have a million dinner parties so why can't we?  
We can...
 Last night was our first night doing it.  A couple cousins couldn't make it (maybe it's because we did it two days before Christmas?  Probably a bad night) but it was still fun with just my sister and cousin and their spouse/significant other.
I'm looking quite homely, it was ONE long day!
Yay to dinner parties!
And guess what?  Tomorrow is Christmas EVE!  YAY!
You all have a glorious Christmas as well!  I can't WAIT! :)