Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Weekend

This weekend we... 
Went bowling with some of our friends from high school.  I almost beat Wren.  ALMOST.  Oh well.
After we went and got frozen yogurt from Red Mango and then came back to our place and played cards.
Wow are Wren and I BAD at games.  We weren't following any of the rules and we were just slapping any old card down.  The others were so into the game that they didn't even notice.  Wren and I were rolling with laughter.  
If you like games.  Don't play with us.  We cheat and we don't care to win.  
So there you have it.
We also had a birthday party for Wren's mom up at their house.
Willow and Carter decorated and made amazing fish tacos.  I wish I took more pictures.
The dinner was superb. 
I look really cool in this picture...
And yes, I'm wearing the same shirt from bowling.  Don't judge. 
This cake was superb too.  Wow.  
And is ANYTHING cuter than these babies?
I think not.
What we did for entertainment before they were born is beyond me!