Tuesday, January 10, 2012

French Doorknob Recipe

One of my earliest memories was sitting at the counter with my brother and sisters as my dad made us French Doorknobs.  Their real name sounds something like Air Dorche, which I believe is a recipe from either Norway, which is where my grandpa's side of the family is from, or was it Greece?  Which is where my grandma's side of the family's from...
Confused yet?  Me too.  
Either way, you my friends can just call them thick crepes if you feel silly calling them French Doorknobs, but to my family that's what they have been and will always be called because we are just that cool ;)  
These puppies are so much better than crepes too.  Still to date, they are my absolute favorite breakfast food.  
You won't taste anything better.  Promise!    

~4 eggs
~1 tablespoon sugar
~3/4 cups butter
~3 1/4 cup milk
~1 tablespoon vanilla
~1/4 teaspoon salt
~1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder
~2 1/4 cup flour 

~Warm a non-stick pan over low to medium heat.  Spray olive oil or a non-stick spray on the pan.  Let heat.
~Meanwhile, mix together the eggs, sugar, and softened butter.  Add milk, baking powder, salt, vanilla and mix.  Slowly mix in the flour until stirred completely.  
~Pour batter onto pan leaving a couple inches empty around the edges of the pan to ensure easy flipping.  I make mine a little bit bigger than a big pancake.  
~Once you see little bubbles starting to form around the edges and middle, flip that sun-of-a-gun over.  Flip it quick.  The trick is to spray your spatula with non-stick spray, move it quickly underneath the French Doorknob, and turn it over fast.  Once you commit you just have to turn it.  
They're easy to break because they are thin, but you'll get the hang out of it.

This recipe makes about 20 French Doorknobs so I like to turn my oven on warm and set them all on a plate since they take a bit to make.  
Once you're done with all of them, serve with either fruit and whip cream, or how we normally have them which is with my dad's homemade syrup recipe.  See this post for syrup recipe.  PuuuLEASE, do yourself a favor and make this syrup (it's so easy).  It is a million times better than store-bought. 
 We lay the French Doorknob out flat on a plate, poor the syrup on, then roll it up into a small cylinder and top with more syrup.
The combo of French Doorknobs and that homemade syrup is about enough to kill a man it's so good.
But it was great with bananas and whip cream too!  
Wren sure enjoyed himself :)
After you eat em, go back to bed.  
They'll put you in a coma for a good couple hours so make them on the weekend!
Good luck!