Monday, February 13, 2012

4 Things of Mention from the Weekend...

1.  Baby sister Kate went to her VERY first FORMAL dance this weekend... SWEETHEARTS!  
She only had 30 minutes between her day activity and the dance, so Rache and I ran over and pulled out the BIG guns!  
It was stressful, but we got her done, and she looked GORGEOUS!  
Sad Kate...  You're growing up!

2.  We are on the house hunt and this majestically groovy house is one we had the pleasure of going through... 
Yes, that's.. count em... ONE, TWO, THREE colors of carpet.  Reminds me of the four corners...
Each room comes featured with it's own unique set of wood paneling to add a classy touch.
Don't even tell me the built in tissue holder isn't the most awesome thing you've laid your eyes on...
Yes, those are pheasants...
And you KNOW I'm dying over this animal print wall.
It was simply fantastic.

3.  We sat at my parents, in the same spot, for I'd say SEVEN hours talking and eating all the while.
My dad made a mean meat, that sat in his Egg for a full 24 hours, as well as homemade ice cream.
It was delicious.  

4.  I went to a Mac makeup party and everything was like 50% off.  I still am trying to figure out if it's too good to be true.
I got all of this...
(I love the purple eye shadow the most)
...for like $50.  I know, insane right? All of this would have been close to, if not more than, $100.  
If I host one of these parties, would you come???

Let me know!

Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Tomorrow we are having the CUTEST giveaway!  I could die.  It has to do with chubby babies and what they wear...  
So make sure to check back!!!  
PLUS last week's giveaway winner for the Local Giving Tree will be announced as well!