Friday, February 10, 2012


As always, February's issue of O Magazine had loads of cute stuff.  
Here are some favorites directly from the magazine itself, as well as stuff I found from websites listed in the magazine.

Click HERE to buy- $25 to $30

These colorful bracelets are perfect for summer!
Click HERE to buy- Normally $25, but $20 with code OPRAH

 I was about to buy these but they don't have them in my size... :(  Sad day.  They have a hidden 2" heel in the front of the shoe, so they give the appearance of a super high heel, without the discomfort.
Who am I kidding, I bet they'd still kill.
Click HERE to buy- $39

Aren't these mint green shoes awesome?
Click HERE to buy- $128

Love this funky pattern...
Click HERE to buy- $36 has a MILLION awesome shoes...  click HERE to see all of them.

This dress would be so so cute for Valentines Day...  
Good news girlies, they have it at Target!
Click HERE to buy (or just go to the store)- $60

And last... 
this nail polish has got to be THE coolest thing ever.
Check out this video!
Click HERE to buy- $16

I just love finding all of these cool brands and websites I would probably never have found if it weren't for the magazine.  
Hope you enjoyed!

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