Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby's 2nd Head-Shots

On Wednesday we went in for our first ultrasound scheduled by my midwife.  If we hadn't gone to fetal photos we would have just barely been finding out this little baby is a boy :)
It was so amazing to see him again now that he's a little bit bigger.
The lady doing our ultrasound said that normally babies at 20 weeks are pretty sluggish and tired.  
Not ours.
He was being a madzilla in there!  Moving every which way, she could barley get all of the pictures she needed.  Makes sense why I feel him all day long (which never gets old).  Wren and I will be talking and he'll start thumping away in there.  I think he agrees with mommy on whatever she's saying :)  Just like daddy should always do!  JK... kind of ;)  
Let's just say I think we are in for a very active little boy.
Is this foot not the cutest thing EVER?
Can't wait to squeeze it...
I feel horrible doing this.
Sorry baby boy, but I'm going to expose you for just this once...
It's CERTAIN.  He's a BOY!