Monday, February 27, 2012

Snowy Cabin Trip

This weekend my aunt and uncle were so kind and let Wren, Sara, Devin, and I stay up at their incredible cabin.  
We spent lots of time in the snow.
Tons of time watching movies by the fire.
Lots of time eating.
Tons of time whooping the guys in pool.
And more time again in the snow.
I took lots of pictures of Wren and Dev doing this...
...over and over and over again.
They were so proud of the jump they made.
I was too!
We ended the trip with a big big bang by eating breakfast at this little Oakley diner... 
Thanks for letting us use the cabin Heidi!
And thanks for the grand company Seven and Eight!  :)
PS Stayed tuned for the video Wren is making of their jumping-the-car extravaganza, it's going to be AWESOME!