Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess What I'm Loving Right Now?

Okay guys, I am SO excited to share this little AMAZING secret with you all today!
Do you have large and in charge pores? (I DO)
Do you have pretty acne scarring? (I DO)
Do you have awesome sun damage? (I DO)
Do you have fancy big little zits? (I DO)
Have you heard of PMD Personal Microderm?!

Silvia from PMD Personal Microderm was SO sweet to send me over this at home microderm kit to try and review here on my blog.  At first when she sent me an email seeing if I was interested, I kind of thought... "Here is something that will be cool, but probably won't work on my skin"... because let's face it, nothing really does.  My facial epidermal layer has a crazy mind of it's own... basically it needs to just get it's period already ;)
But, when I received this device in the mail, I was like, "Woah, this is nice."
I was SO excited to try it!
I have been using it for about a month now, and honestly, it has really helped so much.  Not only with my zits, but with the texture and sun/zit spots that I have.  Before my forehead was like a war zone of connect-the-spot zits (Hello pregnancy!  This little guy's TOTALLY worth it though) but now it's actually cleared up a ton!
This thing is SO easy to use too, and I think works way better than going to get a microderm.  I have always been really frustrated with the results of the microderms I have gotten from a professional because they are SO expensive and my skin always gets way worse for some reason.
(This could have been the product the esthetician used too, I'm not knocking these types of microderms either because they can be very relaxing and a lot of my friends love them, but in my opinion the PMD Personal Microderm works better on my skin and is a million times more affordable for me.)
It is only $180 which would be the price of like two or three of the microderms at a salon or clinic.
They say to do the treatments once a week for six months for best results.  So I obviously just started, but have already noticed a BIG difference in my skin.

Here is a hilarious video that Michelle Money and her friend made talking about the 
PMD Personal Microderm...
(I know she has a lot of haters, but I think she's pretty dang funny)
And there you have it...  
Go buy one now, you won't regret it!  :)