Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I've Popped + Link Up!

Shirt: Gap
Pants: Maternity H&M
Shoes: DSW (BCBG)
Jewelry: Made by me out of clay (info coming this week!)

Well it's official.  I've popped.  Everyone said that I would all of a sudden just show one day, and that day my friends, has arrived!  Makes me pleased as punch to know baby boy is busy growing his little self in there.
I still feel really silly posting pictures of myself like this, but Wren convinces me to do it every week and you amazing readers are always so sweet.
Thoughts on this photo shoot...
Picture 1:  Eyes closed + mad cyclones 
Picture 2:  Doesn't "casual" come so naturally to me?  Oh yes ;)  And baggy shirts while pregnant are not a good look on me I've decided.
Picture 3:  Billy bad A herself.  Don't mess with me :)
Speaking of Wren.  He has issues.  Issues with thinking he sees everyone's cars everytime we are driving.  For example... if we see a white Mazda CX7 he points and goes, "Oh look, it's my mom!" as he tries to flag her down.  If we see a silver Jeep Liberty he yells, "Oh Savy, it's Willow (his sister)!"  Any white Hyuandai we come across he screams, "Sav, look... your dad!"  And people, he is being dead serious.  Like he doesn't even have to see the person in the car, he's convinced it's one of our family members or friends.  We could be across the country and he'd still do this.  It's not until he gets right next to the car and sees that the lady driving is not my dad, that he admits he was wrong.  I have made fun of him for it since we've been married.  So now every time we see a car that resembles anyone's we know, it's like clock work, I know he'll be exclaiming he knows who it is!  
You want to know what reminded me of this?  When we were taking these pictures (this place is a mile away from our house BTW) he looks down and spots this tool.  I know what's coming... he excitedly shouts, "Sav!  My margie!"  That's a tool he used to use when he stuccoed.  Do I need to state the obvious?  Honey, it's not your margie...  How would it have gotten here?  And why do they call it a margie?!?!?!?!  
He's pretty dang cute.
You want to know what's not so cute?  When he told me tonight that it's talent I made my roast tougher than beef jerky. 
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