Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Heart Painted Brick

 We are anxiously crossing our fingers that this house will go through.  Everything has fallen into place and it just seems like a flat out miracle (more to come on that if the house does go through)!  The bank countered our offer in one day, we accepted, and are just waiting to hear we're in the clear.
  We have 45 days to be out of our current place so if this doesn't work out... for lack of a better word, we're screwed.
This house hunting business is risky business I tell yas!  Wren calls it House Hunting- Rated R.  I call it Rated X.     
Please cross your fingers for us it works out! 
Anyway, it's a cute little brick, almost bungalow-looking house.  I actually really like the red brick the way it is, but Wren and I think it would be awesome to paint it as well.  We have been looking at different painted brick houses on the internet, just getting ideas, and seeing what looks good. 
Here are a couple of my favorites...                            
I would LOVE to do that teal color in the second picture, but instead of cream trim, do white trim.  Which look is your favorite?  Or do you like the classic look of un-painted red brick better?
Have you ever painted brick or know someone who has?
Do share!
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