Monday, March 5, 2012


The MAC makeup party I hosted this weekend was a HUGE success!  
Thanks to everyone who came, it was SO good seeing all of your cute faces.
Yay for girl's nights!
It was funny, the night before the party Wren and I were laying in bed and I said, "I'm sad... I cut my bangs too short and don't know how to wear my hair now for the party."
Wren said, "Ya, that's bad.  I just read in a magazine that's now a faux pas.  Girl's need to keep their bangs long because it draws attention to their eyes."  Excuse me?
Then he said, "Well you could just wear a bandanna like Julia Roberts always does in movies.  Girls in movies always wear bandannas when they clean.  They think they're so cool when they do that.  Just wear one to your party tomorrow."
I settled on a hat thanks.    

In other news, Wren and I looked at a gazillion houses yesterday...
Cross your fingers we find one soon!  I'm getting desperate.  We're going to be homeless.

Also, last night I walked into the living room to find Wren riding my spinning bike playing video games. That's a fun little twist on things!  

Hope you guys had a great weekend!