Friday, March 2, 2012

Nursery Wishlist

I have had a hard time getting excited about decorating and buying baby furniture for a nursery.  A-because I don't know where the nursery is going to be!  B- because I have never been into baby decorating or decorations.  I don't like blue for boys, or pink for girls, or matchy matchy baby furniture.
I have issues, I know...  
Probably the same issues I have for not liking cartoons or Disney movies.
Does that make me a bad mom?
I suppose so.
Regardless, I have decided I am going to make a grown up nursery.  Like a room if there weren't a crib in it, you'd never know a baby lived there.  
Why?  Because I can get really excited about a room like that.

First off, I have been looking and looking at cribs for the past couple months and I haven't liked anything I have seen.  I knew I wanted something way different and eclectic, but everything I could find online looked the same as the next one.  
Well I was browsing KSL, a favorite past-time of mine, and I came across the deal of a lifetime!
This iron crib...   
I fell in love!  The lady had it listed for $500, which was higher than I wanted to pay, but she hasn't had it for very long at all, and online brand new on Baby Cribs Boutique it's selling for $1,650 right now!  I had my dad call (he's a wheeler dealer) to see if he could get the price down anymore.  She said she couldn't, but my dad brought up a good point- it's a solid, good crib that I could use for all my babies.  So done, and done, I bought it and am pleased as punch.  
It will be the statement piece in the babe's nursery.  

 I am going to make the bedding (which means my mom will have to be there to help me which means my mom will make it) :), but I am having the hardest time picking fabric!  
I think any of these fabrics would make really cute baby bedding...
1. Buy
2. Buy
3. Buy
4. Buy
Or would I like black and white fabric better?
Or would the baby poop all over the white?  Probably yes.  So I probably should say no.

I love bookshelves like these... 
 I have actually found wood bookshelves really similar to these on KSL, that I could paint and for the pair they were around $50.  Sweet deal right?  Am I up for a project like that right now though?  Moreover, is WREN up a project like that right now?  Let's face it.. paint fumes=bad for baby=which is very convenient for mommy :)

I would love to get a big ceiling lamp like this one... 

I also would love to buy an antique looking dresser like this and paint it... 
Found one on KSL that I love for like $70.  Again though... how up for a project am I?  They seem to be piling up!

In my dream world our whole house would be decked out in hardwood floors and I could use a rug like this...
PS Isn't carpet so gross?  Think of all the germs... ew.  But in my real world I'm about 100% certain the nursery will have carpet, which would ax this rug from my wish list :(

Maybe a cute picture like this?

Last, I know I want some cute drapes.  Love these ones...

We'll see how much of this nursery pans out...
IF it pans out!  We need a room first :)
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