Tuesday, April 17, 2012

28 Weeks and Third Trimester + Link Up!

Shirt: Gap
Pants:  The Store
Shoes: Old Navy
Bump: Heaven (I had to)

Guess what guys?  This cat is officially in her third trimester.  I am in the home stretch and just can't wait to meet this boy!  He is more active than ever right now and it makes me so excited to hold him.  I think he's going to be a gymnast because it feels like he's doing cute baby somersaults all day long!  He is 2 1/4 pounds and can blink the eyes that now sport some baby lashes.  He is also getting fatter.  Excited about that one!  
The other day I had worked from sun up till sun down, trying to get everything packed and ready to go.  By the time I sat down, my feet and legs were on fire.  I fell asleep around 8:30pm that night.  Wren and I both woke up on the couch around 1:00am and moved to our bed.  Well I laid awake feeling baby roll and kick for an hour and a half and couldn't go back to sleep.  Finally I dragged my butt out to the couch to relieve Wren of my restlessness.  I then watched two episodes of Parenthood while baby was still rolling and kicking.  At 4:00am, still not tired and foot still on fire, I somehow got the will power to slip into Wren's sweats and drive myself to 7 Eleven to buy some Tylenol.  We didn't have any and it was the only possible solution I could see to the extreme leg and foot aches that I was having.  Came back, took the Tylenol, and watched one more episode of Parenthood.  Finally baby fell asleep (or just quit moving) and I fell asleep.  I just have to say, not sleeping at night is for the birds.  The next day, thinking back to that night seemed like a horrible nightmare.  
Why did I share this with you?  Who knows.  But I'm still slightly traumatized...  
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