Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Year Anniversary... Lots of Recaps!

So guess who's one year anniversary it was on Sunday?  My blog's.  It's pretty pleased about it too.  So pleased, in fact, it wants to do a recap of this year's most memorable, and more popular, moments.

1.  So to start this party off right, or wrong, member my very first post way back when?  Of course you don't, because no one read my blog yet.  But HERE it is, just waiting to be seen by someone.  It's funny, I'm warning. 
2.  Or member the time I sewed my first skirt in THIS post and showed you how I did it?
3.  Perhaps you recall when I re-did my dresser from THIS post.
4.  Anyone remember when my husband almost chopped off his leg mountain biking?  I do.  It wasn't pretty.  See what I'm talkin' about HERE.  Only if you're not eating.   
5.  Or what about the time I met so many of my good blogging buddies?  Bet you don't remember THAT time.  It was awesome, and amazing, and girlies... I love you all!
6.  Okay and while we're on the subject of dresser do-overs, I did two this last year.  See the other one HERE.
7.  A fun memory was when we celebrated the day my husband graduated college.  So proud of that guy.  THAT was a fun day!
8.  Okay what about the pivotal moment that I swore I'd never do again in my life because growing them out is such a pain in my you know what, and one I'm in right now.  But I still did it anyways.  Cutting BANGS!?  No I didn't.  Yes I did.  Included in this post was also the announcement of my pillow shop on Etsy.  Click HERE to see the doubly monumental day.
9.  Or what about the opening of H&M?  Member THAT post?  How could one forget, I found the perfect bra there!
10.  Surely you remember the millionth time I re-did our bedroom don't you?  Check it out HERE
11.  Okay what about the post where I just knew I'd get my brother-in-law married?  It didn't happen, but you can laugh it up when you look at THIS post.  It's a goody if I do say so myself.  
12.  The most exciting post that this blog has held was when Wren announced that we were expecting out first baby!  What an awesome post to look back on and we really felt the love.  See it HERE.  
13.  And last, the POST where we revealed the gender of this sweet babe child.

Wow, a lot really has happened in a year.  This little blog has been constant fun for me.  I have made so many close friends, real and cyberly (okay that's creepy, but it's true, and cyblery is not a word, but it is now, I made it up).  You fine friends have made these long hours working by myself bearable, and I have drawn so much inspiration in so many different way from all of you.  Thank you for the sweet comments and kind emails.  They mean more to me than you'll ever know!  And mostly, thanks for reading my posts.  You're all the best!  
Oh and Wren, thanks for putting so much thought into what I should post everyday as well.  I'll get emails and texts randomly throughout the day giving me ideas of what he thinks people would like to see.  Wren's this blog's biggest fan and I love him so much for just supporting me and having faith in anything and everything I ever want to do.  
Even this funny little blog.     
Here's to our first year Blog!  Many more to come.