Friday, April 13, 2012

The Joys of Moving

 Yesterday I packed, and threw away, and packed, and threw away crap for 8 hours straight.  I still have too much crap.  Why is the moving process so dreadful?  Happy that yesterday is over though and that there's not much left to go through.  Now it's going to be living among boxes and bags for the next week and a half.  We close on our house on Wednesday (YAY!) two days earlier than expected.  And a bonus?  The people who lived there prior still had a WHOLE lotta loot sitting everywhere last week when we went to check out the furnace, and Savy was terribly frightened they were going to leave all of it.  I'm talking almost everything they had.  I think I would have just bombed the place.  Who wants to move and clean twice?  Not me.  And Savy was correct in her assumption that they'd leave it, BUT, we just found out they are having an estate sale today and tomorrow to clear everything out.  My blood pressure just went down about 5 billion notches.  SO RELIEVED!  Anyway, ask me in two weeks how I'm feeling once all the moving, cleaning, sledge hammering, and exhausted crying is done.  I think I'll be pretty dang excited.  No work... check.  Unpacked, new (to us & year 1960) house... check.  Wren rubbing my lower back... check, check.  
Now, I can't stop thinking about the hot dog and fries we ate last week.  
Anyone up for a lunch date?  In like 5 minutes?  Cause baby ain't waitin.  
For some reason going with someone doesn't make it seem quite as bad.  Because you're going with company, to talk.  Not to hoard your pregnant face in.