Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paint Colors... Done and Done!

I just want to say thanks so much for all the suggestions on this post last week in regards to paint colors for our little house.
We actually used a lot of your suggestions!
We are about half way done painting (BIG thanks to my sweet uncle for helping us out so much!) and we couldn't be more excited.
Here are some images of rooms painted very similarly to what we ended up choosing.
 For the family room we are doing a bright white like this...
I want TONS of bright pops of color everywhere.

 For the kitchen, we painted the cabinets a bright white (we almost lost me, literally I'm still mad at the cabinets) and are doing the walls gray like this...

 For the full bathroom we are doing a golden green color like this...
And actually the marble floors we put in are high gloss black and white and the vanity and sink are high gloss white.  Really similar look to the image above.  I'm sure our stuff is much higher quality though ;)  Kidding.

 For the little half bath downstairs, we went with a very pale turquoise like this...

In the famous words of Beyonce, the color in our bedroom is fierce.
It's called chilled lemonade and looks very similar to this... 
Maybe not quite as bright.

For the guest bedroom/office we chose a coral color like this.  
I want to add lots of white and gray to that room.

And last, but most importantly :), the baby's room has this really retro wallpaper on one wall that we thought was super vintage and cute.  It will go perfectly with his crib (shown in this post).  
The other three walls we painted this grayish color...
What do you think?  Okay choices?
I don't think two people have ever been more exhausted.  It's been one thing after the next, working full time and staying at the house till 1:00am.  But I think we are going to make our deadline.  
Boo Ya!
We can't wait!

Now you know what time it is...

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