Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

 What a fun Mother's Day it was this year!
We started the day off by making breakfast for Wren's sweet mom.
I'm really obsessed with this little nephew of ours who will tell you he got his sunglasses from the Children's Place.  That dimple.  I could die!
 Wren and his cute mama
After, we headed over to my family's house and got to talk with my brother who is serving his mission in Barcelona, Spain.  
My sissies and I with out cute mom!
 My mom got her multitasking on while simultaneously talking to Ty and pulling weeds.
Someone's gotta keep up that garden!
My dad talking to Ty in a much less multitasking fashion.
Oh and Saturday it was so much fun, Wren's mom filled the entire day with fun Mother's Day activities for us (both of Wren's older sisters are pregnant as well, how fun is that!?)
We started the day off with a refreshing hike.  After we headed down to get pedicures, then lunch at Roxberry Smoothie which we ate under the sun on their decks.  And finally, making strawberry jam.
What a fun day it was!
Thanks so much Hollie!
(PS Look how fried my legs got from laying out?  I'm so dumb...)
Our moms are the best moms ever.  
They do so much for us and we are so extremely lucky to have them.  
I can't imagine life without either of them.
Happy belated Mother's Day to all you sweet mothers out there too.  
Growing this little babe inside of me really makes my appreciation for mothers go up and makes me realize what a miracle being able to be a mommy really is.
I hope I can be half the mother to him as our moms were to us!
We love you guys very much!