Friday, May 11, 2012

Decision Time

I have been MIA the last couple days and this is why...
When floor guy gets sketchy (keeps pushing our job till the next week... and then the next week), it calls for drastic measures- canceling with him and doing them ourselves already. 
Glad my hubby is handy!  These floors should be done this weekend!  
PS Thank you, THANK YOU for all your great suggestions on this post regarding the color of our floors.  We really had no idea about hardwood or the pros and cons to dark versus light.  With your help, we decided to go with the natural look but with a really glossy finish.  
So the second to the right hand side stain is the color they will be...
We love the look of dark but these two comments sold me on doing them lighter...
"Sorry I'm mobile and have a heck of a time posting on blogs.. anyway I love dark hardwood it is beautiful but that's it! Beautiful but a pain in the butt! I have dark hardwood in my house (not even as dark as the picture) and I clean it several times a day and it's still never clean and you can see ANY AND ALL scratches :( Having small kids with that floor is a never ending battle! So just a heads up.. it is beautiful, but it sucks and mine is coming out!"
"Dark is the prettiest but i agree that medium is classic! Plus consider how often you want to clean them, I have light and even with 2 dogs I could go a month without mopping them and you wouldn't even be able to tell. They hide dirt so well! I feel like you would have to clean dark every day too much work for me but like I said they are pretty!"
Who wants to clean all day?  Not me. 
Thanks for the heads up girls!  :)
Wish us LUCK!