Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby's Nursery... Check, Check, Check

The babe's room is slowly but surely coming along.  We have the light hung, the crib set up, little hooks hung for his baby man hats, this dresser and wall collage ready to go, as well as the window coverings up.  The last couple things I need to do is decide on bedding, and my husband's going to cringe when I say this, and maybe paint one more wall...???  Wren?  Are you still with me? :)  We left one wall of wallpaper up in his room mostly because we couldn't bare to take another wall of wallpaper down during hell month.  I really liked it at first, especially after we'd painted the other three walls, but now because our crib is gold and the wallpaper has some gold in it, I feel it doesn't make the crib pop like I want it to.  Wren... can we paint over the wallpaper?  I won't even ask you to take it down.  Just paint?  :)  And if yes, can we do something like this? :)
I would even love more than this, just big chunky red and white stripes.  
Maybe like this...
You guys, Wren's the master at painted stripes on walls.  He has already done such fun stuff to some of our walls and he is Particular Pete when it comes to it (I can't wait to share all of it with you once the finishing touches to each room are done!) so, MAYBE he'll do this for me? 
(Check yes or no in comments honey)
And then as far as bedding goes, I think I am going to stick with all white bedding.  Maybe something like this...
Again, I want the crib to pop, not the bedding.
And while we are on the subject of painted stripes, could you not die over this hallway?  
Maybe I'll ask Wren to do this in like five years :)
It's funny to look back on this post and see how far we've come since then.  
Do you guys have any suggestions for me in regards to the baby's room?  
Or fun links of cute images of nurseries?  
I would LOVE your input!