Thursday, June 7, 2012

Our Flower Pots

In all of the loads of crap we have, I found my two beloved flower pots that I haven't seen since our first apartment.  We thought these were a great way to spruce up our little front porch area.  Lots of the bigger plants can get pretty pricey so we decided to get a couple bags of potting soil ($4.97 each at Home Depot) instead, filling the pots up with that, and then just plant our own little flowers in them.  I think I spent maybe $30 total this way in the flowers.  My cute mom came with me as to make sure I purchased the right ones for the sun exposure in the area.  She said they will start growing like crazy and look full and pretty soon.
I have discovered I really love yard work!  What better way to make your home look inviting?  
And get a tan?
And look white trash with my pregnant belly hanging out all day?