Monday, June 4, 2012

Past Weekend

Friday night, Wren and I decided to take a load off, call it a week on house work, and hit up Leatherby's with Michelle and Mark.  Never before has ice cream and fries hit the spot so well.  And approximately two hours later, never before have we regretted eating anything so bad ...  
Catch our drift?
Saturday, after a looooong day of yard work (pictures to come soon), we introduced our friends Jenna and Joel to one of our favorite restaurants, Lonestar.  It is now right down the road from our house which could be bad news blues for us.  
After dinner we challenged them to a doubles game of tennis. This preggy has still got her backhand, and I think baby had fun bouncin around in there.
Sunday was full of good food with my family.
And we are now to this point in my pregnancy...
I can't reach my feet anymore.
Sad day.
And this heat?  Let's hope I survive!