Tuesday, July 24, 2012

4 TMI Funnies + Link Up

Shirt: Forever21
White Shirt: Marshalls
Pants: Express
Babe-It: Heaven 

Okay so I don't know if it's because Wren and I have been so tired trying to keep up with this newborn's sleeping schedule, but things are getting hilarious in these parts.  Why?

#1. There's these things called Tucks Cooling Pads that they recommend for healing after you've had a baby.  On the package they read "hemorrhoid treatment" so when I asked Wren to go get me some after my hospital ones ran out, he was a little embarrassed.  Well two days later, because he claims I have the biggest carbon footprint around (almost has heart attacks daily by how much toilet paper, lotion, laundry detergent, soap, Kleenex, electricity, water, shampoo, conditioner, q-tip I use) I needed more Tucks.  Sue me, I like me some modern day simple luxuries.  He was in shock, of course like he always is, by how fast I went through them and then said, "Sav, that's SO embarrassing.  Everyone at Reams is going to think I have THE WORST  hemorrhoids."  I don't know if it's my lack of sleep, but I laughed hysterically for a good five minutes! The best part?  It was the same guy who rang him up at Reams.  Loved that that happened.

#2.  Our little man's bathroom habits.  First off, we have a little piggy bank next to his changing pad on his dresser.  He loves to pee on either the piggy bank or his face.  Polite huh?  When he poops, it sounds like explosions going off for a long time.  This little guy knows how to toot.  When this happens we know he's workin on a poop.  This can take a very long time and the faces this boy makes when he's doing it are unreal.  My favorite is when he goes cross eyed as he grunts.  Can't get over this funny guy!

#3.  I asked Wren to go buy me regular maxi pads with wings yesterday (another perk to having a baby.)  I specified regular, not super, not light.  Well he ended up getting super so I asked him if he'd go back and return them.  He said, "Seriously Sav, the only thing more embarrassing then buying pads, is returning pads.  Ill just cut them for you."  And cut he did.  Wow.

#4.  That there were three pictures from my birth story post on Monday that showed my boob, and one that showed my nipple.  If you're lucky you may have noticed them.  Because even while editing the pictures, I sure didn't.  Hope it got some good laughs.  I'll just go die now... :)  

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