Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Pregnancy Must-Haves

Okay I have been wanting to do a pregnancy must-have post forever now...
I loved seeing posts like this on other blogs because I was/still am clueless when it comes to pregnancy so it was always so informative to see what worked for other people!

First on my LONG list...

Peppermint Essential Oil.  
This stuff is amazing.  My nose has been clogged for awhile now so it's hard to breath at night.  I love rubbing this oil on my chest and on the outside of my nose.  It helps me relax and breath better through the night.

Now probably through month 5 of my pregnancy, I was having a hard time sleeping, getting comfortable, and my legs ached all the time.  I wasn't a very happy camper.  Well the day we closed on our house and just had more work to do than I even want to remember, my legs were on fire.  I remember thinking, "How am I going to do this?"  My mom brought me over some magnesium (she has been telling me to take it for years for my leg aches, of course I never listened), and GUESS what?  It worked like a charm.  I haven't had a leg ache SINCE, which is a down right miracle for me.  AND BONUS, I sleep amazingly and can get so comfy at night, almost more comfortable than I was before I was pregnant.  It relaxes me, and also makes me totally regular (if you catch my drift), it's the miracle of ALL miracle workers.  She bought it HERE.  It is very pure and you'll notice results within a day.
Promise, even if you aren't pregnant, GET IT!  And if you are pregnant, you're doing yourself a real disservice by NOT taking it.
Thanks mom! 

Bubble Bath
Anyone who's anyone knows I love me a couple hot baths a day, and ESPECIALLY when I'm pregnant.  Nothing feels better!  Wren's mom gave him this shower gel for his birthday and honestly I am obsessed with the smell and it makes an awesome bubble bath.  Problem is, Wren loves it too.  So I have to sneak it when he's not looking.  He's quite territorial of his shower gel!
Anyway, it's awesome.

Sports Bras
Let me let you in on a little secret, I didn't even wear a bra for the first 6 months of this pregnancy (bonus to being flat chested I guess.  TMI?  Yes.)  I hate bras as it is, and when you're tender there in pregnancy, bras suck your will to live!  Well I started noticing some stretch marks and was worried it was because they weren't getting enough support.  I found the deal of all deals, I got four of these sports bras from Walmart for like $15 total.  They are so comfy, made of nylon so have a lot of stretch, and the material isn't itchy at all.  It gives good support without being too tight.
I wish I knew the exact name of them, maybe this will help if you're interested...
They're awesome!

Comfy Socks
Wren loves that I have a million pair of fuzzy socks, but really, it's the best putting thick lotion on and covering the feetsies with comfy socks.  Makes sleeping like a million times better!

BB Cream
Okay, my face had some serious PMS at the beginning of my pregnancy.  I had zits and started to get the mask of pregnancy.  I was scared to use any kind of base or sunscreen though because everything makes me break out.  Well I got this BB Cream by Garnier Fructis and have never turned back.  It not only is an awesome tinted moisturizer (GREAT coverage), but it has sunscreen, and a skin perfecter in it.  It doesn't make me break out, it covers amazingly, is lightening the dark spots on my face, and the sunscreen helps prevent anymore dark spots.  
It's amazing, try it.
In fact, I think you can get a free sample HERE

Breath Right Nose Strips 
Okay my friend introduced these to me.  She said she could never breath well at the end of her pregnancy, and I was having issues in that department as well.  I went out and bought these puppies and they help SO much.  I like the menthol ones.  They help keep your nasal cavity open and have a relaxing smell.
Thanks Jine :)

Palmer's Cocoa Butter
This stuff is amazing.  Other than the few stretch marks mentioned above, I haven't gotten any other ones.  I'd like to think it's because I have doused myself in this twice a day from the moment I found out I was pregnant.

Homemade Essential Oil Scrub
This stuff is bomb.  Wren's cousin makes this scrub from scratch and nothing will make your body smoother.  She puts essential oils in it so not only is it exfoliating, but acts as a thick lotion too.  I have seen these at different spas and shops, you've gotta try it!  This one is orange mint, and it's simply delightful!  
Thanks Tara!

Fish Oil
The western diet is deficient in omega-3 nutrients which is found in fish oil so it's important to take it pregnant or not pregnant.  But there are many benefits to taking while pregnant.  Studies have found that babies who's mothers took fish oil throughout their pregnancy promoted their fetal brain health, psycho motor development, early visual development, lowered baby's sensitization to food allergens, reduced certain skin diseases, and reduced prevalence of eczema, asthma, and hay fever later in life.  Not only is it great for baby, but it's great for mommy too, it is shown to prevent pre-term labor and delivery.
And if all of those things aren't good enough, it's helped my joints feel better, and has been great for my hair and skin!

Probiotics are so important to take while pregnant because that baby growing inside of you has not developed their little baby immune system yet.  By taking in good bacteria throughout your pregnancy, the baby will develop a good gut flora when they suck in your fluid during delivery.  It sets them up to have a good a healthy immune system, establishing it with good bacteria.  Plus with all of the millions of antibiotics and bad bacteria that's out there today, none of us have enough good bacteria to fight the bad anymore so it's good to take this anyway.    

Evening Primrose Oil
Still under debate... :)  We'll have to see how this works out for me.  It's supposed to help soften your cervix making for a better delivery.
Will keep you updated!  

Vitamin D
Because of the way we live here, doing most everything indoors, we are lacking the vitamin D that only the sun can give us.  This vitamin helps with our immune functioning and fights against autoimmune disorders.  In pregnancy, vitamin D, reduces the risk of complications such as gestational diabetes, preterm birth, and infection.  One study showed that women who took 4000iu of vitamin D during their pregnancy had half, yes half, the rate of pregnancy complications as women who even took 400iu of it.  THAT is insane!  

Pepcid AC
And last, Pepcid AC has saved my life.  My midwife said it's fine to take just the original Pepcid AC for heart burn, so after suffering forever I decided to give it a try.  It really has worked WONDERS and made these last couple months so much more enjoyable!
WOW, that was a long list and probably really boring to you.  
But just wanted to share some of the things that I think are must-haves for your baby growing time!