Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Chaotic Thoughts as I sit here on My Due Date

Well people, today is my due date and the only thing missing is this baby.  When are you coming honey?  With things that have happened in the last couple days (I'll spare everyone the details, my husband says he's ruined), plus the walking and ball bouncing, I thought I'd for sure have had him by now.  Nope.  The plus side, I'm still feeling really good and just trying to relax and get as much rest before his arrival, but it's hard when I know it could be anytime.  All of our stuff is packed and ready to go, sitting by the front door.  
I know this is the dumbest thing I have ever written, but now every time I go somewhere I feel the need to be ready just in case he decides to come, because who wants to go to the hospital looking nasty like I really do like 90% of the time because I'm just too lazy to get ready?  Not me... And don't even let that fool you, I'm not really getting ready, like putting on makeup getting ready.  Way too much work...  But just making myself look somewhat presentable, hair done (although maybe not washed?  TMI?), legs shaved, face washed.  As I said earlier, stupid thought, I could really care less about anything other than this baby getting here safe, but than I obviously do care a little bit about other silly things like that since I just wrote that.
  In my downtime, trying to kill time, sometimes I shop (with about 20 pee sessions in public restrooms in between, gross, and scream sessions at the automatic flushers for getting me wet, I wasn't done yet dummy).  I shop not to buy things, but so I can have a reason to walk in hopes it puts me into labor because like I can walk outside in this 105 degree heat.  I'd be committed.    
So... have you guys been to Marshalls?  It's a new store in Murray, they've got some fun stuff!  I seriously LOVE these bags...  
Anything canvas with stripes I love right now.  Why?  Who knows...  But these are cute.  If they weren't $30 and $40 I maybe would have bought one.  
Want to know what's not so cute?
My Tevas. 
No seriously.  It's become a problem.  My Tevas love affair started a couple years ago when we went to St. George, and my feet were hurting as usual as we were shopping, so Wren suggested I buy some Tevas.  They were like $80 and I remember thinking, YA RIGHT.  Like I'm buying those ugly things for that much.  Well after trying them on I was like, the man's right, they're way comfortable.  Well so they story goes, I think I've worn them everyday since.  They now have paint on them from the whole house extravaganza, the Velcro isn't quite what it once was, and they snag any long pants or skirts that I wear.  Yes I wear them with skirts, as I said, it's a problem.  I have tried switching to other comfy shoes that look somewhat decent with a normal outfit, but none even compare comfort wise.
Well the other night as we were laying in bed (our bedtime convos are riveting I'll tell you what), we got talking about my Tevas and how replacing them might not be such a bad idea.  So we went to the Teva website and my oh my were we pleasantly surprised! 
This one's pretty cute right?  I mean for a comfort shoe? 
So here is what I am forced to conclude.  I will never get rid of, or not wear by beloved Tevas, at least until they wear out completely.  I've tried it, it's like a sickness, I'm too addicted to them.  BUT, I could get something like this that would look more appealing when it's time to actually get ready and wear a cute outfit.  I could rotate between the good and the bad.  Get it?  
My minds not even comprehending what I'm writing anymore.
Well thanks for listening to me, as Journey once sung, go on and on and on and on.
It's been real.  Maybe next time I check in I'll have better news, like BABY NEWS?
Think labor thoughts everyone, pleasant labor thoughts, will you?
Let's bounce!  Like literally.  On my ball.