Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One More Week- 39 Weeks + Link Up!

Shirt: Forever21
Pants: Forever21 (anyone sick of these yet?  Baby and me sure ain't, even after white paint spilled all over the butt.  Ask us if that's stopped us...  Nope.)
Scarf: Forever21
Shoes: Ross Dress For Less

Guys... it's official.  My due date is one week away.  Count it on my chubby little finger, ONE.  Well technically one week and one day (July 12th), but who's counting right?  I really can't even believe it.  This pregnancy has flown by so fast and I don't think I could possibly feel any better this far along.  A big part of me feels like I should be more miserable because of the constant complaints I've heard from others of how horrible is gets at the end  It's definitely been a warmer summer than most, but I'm fine.  I still feel great.  
Carrying this baby is the best.    
I do have to say Wren and I will both miss having this sweet baby boy inside of me.  We love feeling him move throughout the day and I will miss the special bond I share with him in there.  
BUT, I can't even wait to kiss his cheeks and squeeze his fat feet.  
I will be the biggest stage five clinger this dude will ever have.
Babycenter says he is the size of a small watermelon (by the looks of this picture, I'd have to say a large watermelon), and probably weighs a little over seven pounds.
Next Wednesday, I may just be a mommy!
Thank you SO much for all the wise words of advice for delivery day.  I made a list of everything everyone recommended and it's all packed and ready to go. 
You guys are awesome and helped a clueless mother out more than you'll ever know.  I feel much more prepared!  AND Wren will have a comfy place to sleep while at the hospital too.  I would never have thought to bring him blankets and pillows, so he thanks you for that as well!    

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