Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday McKinley! 10 Reasons Why...

Many of you have seen the posts on Wren's brother McKinley here and here.
Well yesterday was his first day student teaching for his high school class and, well, he was excited...
It's also McKinley's birthday today!  Can hardly believe that prepubescent boy I first met ten years ago is turning 24.  Where does time go?  

I don't know if you remember this list McKinley wrote for me last month, but here is my list of the ten reasons why McKinley is SO incredible:

1.  He doesn't care what people think about him.  He'll do anything, anywhere.
2.  He is charitable, kind, and understanding.  He realizes that people are born into their circumstances and not everyone is as fortunate as we are.  Read his post here (he is also an amazing writer).
3.  He's got style, he's got swag, he's a hairy beast.  He will make one woman very happy one day.
4.  He's a great conversationalist.  He's good at listening.  He's good at talking.  He has strong opinions about things which I like.
5.  He is a deep thinker.  His theories are fun to listen to.
6.  He is smart...  book smart and street smart.  He's always gotten straight A's and is knowledgeable about so many different things.  
7.  He is extremely dedicated to his family, his church, and school.  He is so good about coming to family events, he served a two year mission and I don't know if I've ever seen him miss a day of church in his life, and he just graduated from BYU and is finishing up his student teaching.  He is a great example to us and is going to be very successful.   
8.  He is a  responsible and hard worker.  He knows how to show up to work and get the job done.
9.  Our niece and nephew love him.  He always gets them rowelled up and laughing and well, Wren, you need to step up your game.  McKinley's well on his way to becoming favorite uncle ;)
He'll make a great father one day!    
10.  He is hilarious.  Clearly.  He always has everyone laughing.  But most importantly, he has always found me ridiculously funny.  Who doesn't like someone who laughs at everything they say?

I hope you have a great birthday Mankinley!  You deserve it!  
Just marry Rachael already k?  Then you can be my brother-in-law on both sides.
See you at Mountain Mikes on Saturday.  Be there or be square!