Friday, August 17, 2012

Nothing In Particular...

Babe-It and I shuttled the baby daddy mountain biking a couple days ago and had a couple hours to kill before we picked him up, so we went for a fun little hike up at Brighton.  We tested out Cliffy's baby wrap and I think it's safe to say he loved it judging from the second picture down.  Is that a smile?  Yep.  He's smiling now, and if I didn't think he was fun enough already, he just got even more fun!  As we were walking towards the beautiful mountains in the cool crisp air (cheesy?) he started doing the biggest smiles, breathing in and out really fast, making goo goo noises with his raspy little voice, and kicking his fat little legs.  It was the cutest thing this mommy ever did see/hear.  And yes, that's a wink too.  We trained him to wink ;)

In other news, today is day two of the Baby Wise schedule.  I have to say in just one day of following it, he is a MUCH happier baby.  Seriously.  Before I think he was staying up WAY too long in between his naps and would just get grumpy.  Now, with taking a nap every hour and a half, he is so much more pleasant.  It's been awesome.  Thanks for that suggestion everyone!

And last... I want this room.
I know I would just be so much happier if I had it... ;)
Kind of.
Have a glorious weekend everyone, so happy it's here!