Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You're JUST a Mom?

Shirt: Pac Sun
Pants: Express
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Bracelets: Forever 21

 Anyone that has a dimple in their elbow is deliciously yummy in my book... i.e. third picture down :)

My cousin got home from his mission today and we had a big lunch at his grandparents house.  I went and said hello to his grandpa, and he asked me how being a mom was.  He jokingly said, "It's a cinch isn't it?  Being just a stay-at-home mom?"  He then went on to say how he thinks it's the hardest job there is and that people do not give it enough credit.  I'm 100% with him.  I think it's so sad when some women, when asked what their job is say, "Oh I'm just a mom."  Just my butt.  As awesome and amazing as it is caring for this little bundle of joy, cause trust me, it is... it's also the hardest thing I have ever done.  I am slowly learning what selfless love is all about.  There have been so many mornings when I am starving or thirsty and three hours later I look at the clock and realize, "Wait a second?  I am still starving and thirsty..."  Or sometimes when I'm changing his diaper for the fourth time that morning I think to myself, "I remember the days when I had time to go to the bathroom."  And when I'm giving him a bath to wash off the remains from the major blow out diaper he just had, I think fondly on the memories when brushing my teeth and showering were part of my daily routine.  I have listened to cries, done more laundry, touched more poop, pee, and spit up than I ever thought possible and in all of this ranting I'm doing, my point is... being a mother is hard work.  I never realized or have given enough credit to my mother, or all the mothers out there, like I should have for the millions of sacrifices they made and continue to make for their children.  After having my own, I have a new found respect for mothers and if I ever hear anyone say, "Oh you're just a mom?"  I just may open a can of you know what on them ;)
So thank you to all the wonderful mothers out there for everything you do.  It doesn't go unnoticed.
You rock. 
BUT... with all that hard talk above, I don't think any other job in the world has a higher reward.  At night when I'm cuddling my little man and he looks so peacefully into my eyes, my heart just melts and I can't wait to do a another whole day of poopy diapers and holding my own :)
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