Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Whirl

This weekend...
 Radcliff and I went on a little walk around Silver Lake while Wren went mountain biking with his friend Shawn.
We know how to party too.

 We made the transition to our Bum Genius cloth diapers.  Rad Man got a horrible diaper rash on Sunday and one of the perks to cloth diapers is less diaper rash, so we decided it was time.  And his little rash is already clearing up!  Thank goodness, that was sad :(  Plus, he looks oh so studly in them!

We celebrated cute Willow's birthday in Park City.  The party was crashed when two moose came right next to our pavilion.  I haven't been that scared in a long time.  I just knew they would attack.  I wanted to take the baby to the car so bad, but Wren said no, that they might chase me.  That was reassuring.  
But other than my mini heart attack, it was a fabulous night.  There's nothing baby loves more than being outside so it was fun relaxing and mingling in the great outdoors with family!  

And tons of daddy time.  

Oh and you know what else?  This little man is such a gem.  This last week he has been sleeping from 11:30pm to 8:00am with only a couple half an hour feeds in between.  And then after he gets up around 8:00am and eats, he sleeps again until about noon.  Who said you get less sleep with newborns?  I'm getting too much sleep I tell ya.  Ha.  But then again, I never knew how it would be possible for my body to produce a human that didn't like to sleep when I love it so...

Why oh why do the weekends have to go so fast?