Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ear Candy

When we moved Wren tried talking me into throwing all my old CDs away.  I have millions, and said no way.  Thank goodness I talked some sense into him because I found a CD I had burned when I was 15 years old with these two songs...

What good taste I had at 15 right?  RIGHT?  
I still love these songs.  They remind me of when I would go pick Wren up in my red Le Baron because he was too young to drive.  Oh the days.    
And because youtube sucks you into all other videos on the sidebar, I found some other favorites.
I remember about five years ago I had this song on repeat.
Love it.
I love Bon Iver but had never heard this one by him...
So good.
And I also found this gem.
Hope you enjoy!