Monday, September 17, 2012

An Autumn Walk

Last night, my sister Rache graced us with her presence on a walk in this brisk fall weather.  We discovered the funnest paved trail right by our house!  Love discovering those.  Now we can safely pull Radcliff in our bike trailer.  Bonus.  Anyway, Radcliff was a lucky little man who got to be carried by his cute auntie for a bit.  That is until he become famished and needed food.  This is when we discovered the single most amazing thing yet.  I can feed him while he's in the Lulu Wrap.  WHAT?  Yes.  It's amazing, and he loved it, and then passed out in there.  I highly recommend it :)
PS  Aren't we LOVING this brisk fall weather?
Goodbye to the summer that nearly killed me.