Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Friends

Some of our funniest friends, Phil and Allie, came over the other night for a little BBQ.  Phil is one of Wren's best friends from high school and one of the most genuinely nice people we know.  And... I don't think anyone loves babies more than he does.  Allie is just a bad *** and could probably take down any guy... other than Phil :) LOL.  I remember when Wren and Phil lived together after we graduated.  Wren has some great memories with Phil.  Phil and Allie were both marines, Allie was a cop, and they are both stronger than anyone we know.  So basically they are fantastic friends to have around to bail us out of all our sticky situations... ;)
We always enjoy listening to their crazy stories and just love them.
Thanks for coming over you two!
Good luck with all of your adventures in Virginia.