Friday, September 28, 2012

Radcliff's Play Group

So Radcliff and I walk to the park every Thursday morning for our neighborhood play group.  Radcliff gets in the sand, is good at sharing his toys with the other little boys, and loves going down the slide...  
What a mature two month old I have huh?  My mom about died laughing when I told her about play group, because hello, Rad Man doesn't even know that other kids exist let alone play with them.  But it's a fun way to get to know other young mothers like myself for when the time does come for Radcliff to play with other kiddos.  
I got your back babe.  Mommy's working on getting you a wide slew of friends already!
Well, there's a point to this cool story.  As we all know, I'm still getting the hang of getting me ready, baby ready, me fed, baby fed, baby changed, and keeping baby happy while getting out the door.  And then throw 9:00am in there and pure madness breaks loose.  So Radcliff and I show up, late of course, and as I sit down to talk to everyone not only do I realize my flannel shirt is on INSIDE OUT, my FLY IS DOWN.  
Budum, dum, CH!
I know you're all jealous.
PS Do I not have the smallest forehead in the whole wide world?  ;)