Thursday, October 25, 2012

Park City FUN Day!

Last week Radcliff and I had big plans.  We dressed in our Sunday best (can you tell I did?), and headed to the mountains!  Park City this time of year is just perfect.  It's brisk and beautiful with all the leaves changing. 
First we went on a walk with Wren's sister Allyssum, her baby Iris, Broose, and Tinsley.  The latter two being dogs in case you were wondering.  It's always a good time catching up with them!  Allyssum's just plain old bomb.  We love her.
Next, we headed over to the outlets to shop and mingle with Katie and her baby Nash and Janae and her son Boston.  Radcliff meant business and bought matching outfits with Nash.  He felt really cool, I could tell he was trying not to smile that dirty little devil!
Anyway, love fun days like this with my baby.  
Anyone else want to have a play date with this gruesome twosome?  Really, we're a GREAT time.